28 March 2010

Snow Storms

Yesterday I realized for the first time, that since I came here I haven’t really seen heavy snowfall. When I reached here, there was already sooo much snow around. And it seemed to snow only at night as I never saw heavy snowfall during the day! Sometimes there would be snowfall….but more like flurries.

But this weekend has been something else altogether. Heavy snowfall both days!!! I can’t explain exactly what it is like, but imagine when we have heavy monsoon showers in India accompanied by wind. There is snow just flying in all directions all over the place. IMG_5143

I have been out roaming EVERY single weekend since I came here. Not to break my record I decided to go out today, maybe try and capture the snow storm on my sad camera. But didn’t venture far, it was almost impossible to walk.

So much for ‘Spring is just around the corner’

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Venkat H said...

Spring has started here in the US and its awesome out here in Redmond ;)