23 March 2010

Kemi - Walking on Sea, Fishing and Snow Castle

After the amazing Husky Safari, I went off to explore Kemi. The aim was to walk towards the most important tourist attraction - the Snow Castle and enjoy what I can on the way

There were 2 routes to the Snow Castle – one along the sea front and one from the market square. Whoever knows me will know which route I would have chosen.

I obviously took the sea front route…not that I could see any sea. ONLY SNOW…finally it started sinking in…that’s what they mean when they talk about snowmobile over frozen lakes, rivers etc. The sea was TOTALLY frozen!!!

Forgive my ignorance…but initially I saw only people skiing so I thought it was OK to ski, but maybe not so safe to walk. Vroooooooom…that was a snowmobile. And then I noticed, like we take a walk in the park, there were people just out for a walk too. Some even had got their dogs out for a walk…on the sea!

IMG_5017So I got off the pathway and on to the large expanse of snow. I actually stopped a person and asked him…is this sea? In summer will all this melt and will there be water here…it was so unbelievable!

He nodded…and then pointed towards some trees that could be seen in the middle of that expanse and said…that there…it’s an island!


I guess many people would have thought I was crazy coz I was walking and clicking snaps of my feet…



IMG_5020Noticed 2 people sitting on these small cloth stools… as I approached them I realized they were fishing!!! They have this drill to make a small hole in the snow and then they sit there on the sea and fish!! And within 10 mins they actually caught fish!!!

Somehow fishing brings up these pictures of a nice sunny day, river bank, a small boat, a broad brimmed hat. This was just the opposite. Snowy day, frozen sea, small stools and loads of woolen clothes!!!

Finally I went to the snow castle, which was quite nice. There was the Snow chapel, which I liked best and a Snow Hotel with rooms made of ice and an ice bar and restaurant. But personally I enjoyed the earlier part of the afternoon, which for me was a totally new experience.

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