16 March 2010

Rudolf, the Red Nosed Reindeer?

Finland immediately conjures up images of Santa Claus and Reindeers - smart, healthy, brown, red nosed reindeers!!! My first sight of a reindeer in Oulu was quite a disappointment.

There was a winter village on the Nallikari Beach area, which we decided to visit. The winter village on its own was quite nice. Wigwam shaped ice cafes, lots of ice tunnels linking one igloo to another to play in, ice go-karting for adults and children and REINDEER sleds.

However, as we approached the area for the reindeer sled rides the first of the reindeer was returning from the ride over the frozen beach and sea. He was missing an antler, looked really old & unhealthy and tired out after the ride :-(

Soon after, the second reindeer approached us. He was healthier, had his antlers intact and looked to be enjoying taking the kids for a ride. At least he made me want to approach him and pet him, which I did. The fur is soooo thick and soft…but he was white!!!

Maybe better luck when I visit Lapland, the original home of the Reindeers.


Venkat H said...

It's easier to see those red nosed, sexy looking Reindeers in a Disney movie. But yes..hopefully better luck in Lapland..

Elango said...

I thought people use dogs in those places as I have seen in many movies. Reindeer is something new to me. Nice post.

Manpreet said...

Dogs called Huskys are also used. and Snowmobiles.