25 March 2010

On Blogging

There is this one amazing pro of working in a far off land like Finland in winters. Work timings are 8:00 to 4:30…max we finish by 5:00 …evenings are sooooo damn cold that one just wants to go to warmth of ones home, so there is plenty of time to blog. I can catch up on all my pending blogs!

Usually I write about my travels, events/theatre reviews and activities that I have done. Recently I visited a very nice cafe in Oulu which was playing Beatles when I went. I even mentioned that in a recent blog. When I told my friend Poorvi about it, her response was amazing. I have kept that email coz I just knew I had To write about it. But couldn’t figure out how to tag it.

This is how the email goes -
“Beatles! My favourites! You said "Hello, Goodbye" to your new friends? You planning to tour the Arctic in a "yellow submarine"? In the summer you can visit "strawberry fields". And after a "hard day's night", you can go to "Seargent Pepper's lonely hearts club" and dance to "Obla Di Obla Da".  Who knows maybe you'll meet a "paperback writer" there. and you both can drive down "the long and winding road" and he'll sing "Love me do" for you!! And you both can watch "Lucy in the sky with diamonds".
Ok, before you say "Don’t bother me", let me sign off…
"P.S. I love you"”

I guess I need a new tag…Creativity for this one!


Raffi said...

Actually, It was a nice email reply. I think you started roaming around only after that email :)

Manpreet said...

Hmmm...u gt me thinking Raffi...But i think nt really as that blog entry was for my 1st weekend in Finland!!! I think u forgot that I was stuck in delhi for 1 week, waiting 4 d visa.