02 August 2007


Close to Udupi in Karnataka is Maravanthe - on the tourist map for its beach.

I visited Maravanthe during 2 seasons and the difference is amazing. Once during the Monsoons and the 2nd time in winter - New Years Day to be precise.

For a short stretch we have the NH-17 running with the Arabian Sea on one side and the Sauparnika River on the other. It’s a unique site…a road running in between 2 water bodies.

Cruising along the highway during the Monsoons (August 2003) when we reached Maravanthe, there was no beach to be seen. The turbulent sea was in full fury, lashing against the barricades made of rocks, looking really dangerous. On the other side was the relatively calm river. We were just enjoying the contrast and it started drizzling … picture perfect

As if the above contrast was not enough, when I visited Maravanthe during the dry winter (Jan 2007) there was this endless unspoilt sandy beach on a clear day with the hot sun shining on our heads. The sea looked so gentle and very, very inviting.

Made me wonder, is this the same place that I visited some years back?

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