20 June 2008


What do you do if you find out that someone you really trust, more than anyone else ever before, has lied to you about something? Should you confront them? Ignore the lie? Or ignore them?
Did they realise that you would be devastated when you found out? And if they did and still lied...does it mean they don’t care?
It could be a small lie...but small lies only turn into big ones. How will I know what to believe and what not to? Am I supposed to be forgiving?
It just seems ridiculous to me to lie, especially when I know that eventually the truth will come out.


Param said...

I think the best option is to confront the person. maybe he/she had valid reason... could have been any possibility. So give benefit of doubt and ask abiyt their reason.

namrita said...

i think you should just let it go, in your typical style!!!!. give it time and see if more lies are on the way.....if yes than u shoild know what to do.
love and have a good day