04 June 2008

Funny Games & Silly Stuff we did as kids!!!

Sometimes, I think back and reminisce about my childhood. We are having a team building outing (Robin Hood Events) next month and that kinda got me thinking of all the stupid games we played and things we did as kids…

1. D.O.N.K.E.Y: A couple of us with a ball can be quite noisy…We would aim the ball at each other and every time someone would get hit she would get labelled with a ‘D’. This would be followed by all of us screaming the letter at the top of our lungs…Next time she got hit she get the next letter. First one to get DONKEY was the donkey for the day!!!
2. Elastic: Wonder if they still play this one in Welhams!!! Min no of girls required was 3 and max 5. All that was needed was some 5-6 feet of elastic knotted at the ends so that 4(or 2) girls could put it around their ankles to form a square. Then the 5th girl would need to jump on the four sides of the square, and then hop on the 4 sides of the square, keeping the elastic on that side under her feet/foot. If successful, she moves to the next level, which means the 4 girls roll the elastic to their knees. The last level is elastic goes all the way up to the hips. Hopping at the hip level was quite difficult.
3.Slam Books: not really a game…but this was a hot favourite. We had a list of questions that we would ask our friends … a sample
SHAGORICA: To be a wek known interior decorator
HINNAH: Journalism
Ritu Singh: ?????
SAnskriti: To be an IAS or doctor
Amrita: Havent made any plans so far
Nik: To become a really good gymnast or athelete (hopefully)
P.Singh: Leave Welham first and foremost and then...
Meghna: A well known dress designer
Bindiya: A very well known surgeon
Ritu Lal: HAvent decided yet
Ashima Singhal: Computers
Shubhani: To take over my father's business and if failed then dress designing
Shweta: Havent decided yet, but maybe take over Papa's business
Aparajita: I plan to take up dress designing
Ramneet: Interpreter!
Jessica: To become a criminal lawyer
Aarti: Could you give me advise?
Sheenu: To keep flying all my life
Tara: Havent decided
Namrata: Eye Specialist
Vasudha: Psychiatrist


Shagorica: My emotions
HinnaH: My 'fat' legs the way they carry me
Ritu Singh: Too many to jot down
Sanskriti: Have not found one in myself which I can really be proud of
Amrita: Making people believe me (ha ha ha)
Nik: Being a good athelete and gymnast
P. Singh: To go on and on and on
Meghna: My hair and my chinky eyes
Bindiya: Nothing
Ritu Lal: Dont really know
Ashima Singhal: My slow running
Shubhani: Long strides (not that long though)
Shweta: To make people believe in me
Aparajita: I can draw. And I can design clothes quite well (at least I think so)
Ramneet: Dont like boasting! ahem! I say!
Jessica: To carry on with life even though I may recieve a blow!
Aarti: None I suppose. Obviously I wont boast!
Sheenu: I'm no boaster
Tara: How am I supposed to know that?
Namrata: I dont know
Vasu: I dont blow my own trumpet
4. Mid Night Feasts: HT was the queen for this one. Before we left for the holidays we were given a list of stuff to get and then because the school rule was that the tuck had to be finished the day we returned for home that night we ate till we were sick!!! We would lie in bed giggling away as the food would get passed on from one to the next.
One time someone was going out during the term on a weekday for a wedding. She packed food for us and got it… that included ice cream. We had just about got to the melting ice cream when the ayah caught us. Someone tried to bribe her with chicken…stupid girls we didn’t know that she was vegetarian…and she reported us to the matron who confiscated the food and had her own MNF!
5.Bagsed: (I’m not sure I have spelt that one correctly…)
Basically for any school events, functions etc we would leave our hankies on the seat which meant that we had Bagsed that seat for our self or our friend. And the best was when we would drape our chunnies across the benches!!!

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