07 January 2008

Winter Wonderland and Themepark simulator rides

The Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park was not really as impressive as I expected it to be…not very large and the rides there seemed to be more like for kiddies really…an old-fashioned carousel, a haunted mansion, sliding down an ice slope on tires, jumping on a trampoline while tethered to pulleys by bungee cords, a ferris wheel etc.

There was also the much hyped largest outdoor ice skating rink in England. I would have expected a far more festive and much larger ice rink (looking at the pictures on the adverts for this event) but it didn’t seem that huge… regardless of that it was packed with skaters.

But I did get my first taste of a simulator ride here…like my cousin said …it was as close I could get to getting on to a roller coaster. (Since I had just been telling them how much I enjoy roller coasters).

It was one of those high-tech simulator-ride capsules…quite small – it takes up to 14people at a time. It was just loaded at the back of one of those heavy equipment trailers –what a space saver and flexible too…just drive it to the next location.

My first impression (as I looked at it from outside it just seemed to be moving very little) was it won’t be anything great…probably again only for kiddies… but I guess I was wrong…
It was quite amazing….the theme for the one we got onto was the galaxy…and while sitting on the ride all I could think was – such a small capsule and capable of creating such fantasy …and what thrill…I guess speed was quite high coz we actually were moving from one end to the other on the seat.

It still cannot replace a real roller coaster…but when one does not have an option for a roller coaster this will do!!!

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