06 June 2012

Reuse, Recycle, Resell!

It’s CSR week at Logica and we at the Writer’s Club are writing for any cause that is close to our hearts.
My contribution -

A friend wondered - Will our children ever know the connection between these two?

Pencil + Cassette

When I sent the first draft of this post to a friend to read, she said “there may be some who don’t know what a cassette is!!!”.
So for all ye from the iPOD generation, this is what we used to jam up our evenings, listening to music on Tape Recorders and Walkmans!

I get all nostalgic.
We were not allowed walkmans in school. But rules are for breaking, aren’t they? Sneaking up to the terrace with our walkmans, sharing the earphone with the less fortunate (?), listening to Wham (George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley), Bruce Springsteen and our favorite was Cyndi Lauper with Girls Just Want to Have Fun!! 

Remember those days when our favorite audio cassettes would get all tangled up and we would use our pencils so diligently to roll back the tape.

She doesn’t let me reminisce for long!
In line with her belief of reusing, she comes up with a brilliant idea! Let’s retain the connection and the memories with this wonderful pen/pencil stand. 

wonderful pen/pencil stand
This is just one of her ideas. Just Google ‘Anokhi Planet’ and you will be amazed at some of her other innovative eco-friendly ideas!

The mantra is Reuse. Recycle. Resell. I have always encouraged the principles of reuse and recycle in my daily life so that I can reduce my contribution to the landfills. I believe that we shouldn’t just don’t throw out stuff that we don't need. If we think, we can reuse or recycle.  But in all honesty, I wasn’t so innovative with my reuse / recycle ideas. And resell didn’t exist - either Hoard or Throw!!!
Till I went to a flea market organized by a group – Second to None, Bangalore (can be found on Facebook). To quote the founders of that group- “Find a new lease of life for objects around you. Don't discard. Resell. Don't waste. Share. Before you buy new, discover the charm of the old."

The reuse ideas that I saw at that market left me flabbergasted. There were soooo creative. I agree that maybe we all are not that creative. But they also post many of these ideas on their Facebook page. We can even post some stuff there and ask for creative ideas for reuse and there will definitely be some responses. Reselling cannot get easier than on this site.

Reusing may be a bit tedious. But the satisfaction from converting a Kelloggs cornflakes carton to a gifting bag, a Pringles box to an earrings organizer, an old pair of jeans/ shorts to a toothpaste/brush holder cannot be described.

To REUSE Mahatama Gandhi’s famous quote – “Simple Ideas, Immense Satisfaction!”


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Lovely post! So glad that Second to None inspires and brings memories, too :)

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