04 January 2011


Why do I still linger
Over these problems, unresolved,
And why do still I revisit
All of these arguments, yet unsolved?

Why do I rewind them
To play back in my head,
And why do I unearth them,
These things, buried and dead?

Why do I try to fix
These things, which are still broken,
And why do I still try to recall
All of these words, long unspoken?

Why do I try to resolve
All of these differences that remain,
And why do I try to ease
All of this misunderstanding and its pain?

Why do I try to make them better,
These things that went wrong,
And why do I try to change the past,
Instead of moving along?

Why do I try to make some sense
From all of this confusion,
And is my hope just in vain,
Is it only just an illusion?

~Anonymous Poet


Venkat H said...

Are you publishing as Anonymous these days?

Manpreet said...

Nope...the word anonymous poet is a hyperlink to the actual poet!