24 July 2010

Linja C

IMG_5727My little bus deserves a post. Its the Linja C, pronounced Linya C. I have had the most interesting time using this bus.

It has a very small route and completes the whole round from Torikatu to Limingantulli and back in just 30 mins. I know because once we reached the stop early and it was going towards Limingantulli. We should have taken the bus when it returned but we decided…lets just get on and once sit through the entire round and check it out.

Many times we would get on at the 1st stop, Torikatu and there would be no passengers till my stop which is halfway on the route!!! And I don't think they would get any other passengers for the rest of the route too! Moreover, since we were such regulars on this bus, that soon most of them started recognizing us.

I don't know if the bus drivers on the city bussi route are generally a very jovial and friendly lot but sometimes while just walking on the road if the bus passed by, they would wave at us!!!

My colleague and I got on to the bus at 2 consecutive stops, me first, she on the next one. One Saturday afternoon we had some interesting incidents…

When we reached her stop, she was not there. The bus moved on and took a turn. I was just thinking of calling her, when suddenly he stopped. And opened the door and madam gets in. I was shocked. Its so unlike Europe for buses to let passengers in at any place other than the stop! And it seems she didn't even try and flag him down! He himself stopped and gestured to her asking her if she wanted to get on.

I still hadn't got over this incident. I was thinking its a one off, but later in the day we were returning from Limingantulli and were a short distance from the city bus stop. We were walking along the road when another driver slowed down near us and enquired if we wanted to get on!!!

Unfortunately I didn't know about this bus in the winter…it would have saved me lots of trudging in the snow with my laptop since it leaves me just behind my flat.

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