03 June 2010


The way the seasons change here is amazing.

First it was the way the snow melted…2 days flat and it was mostly gone.

3rd May we had a team outing to HailuotoIsland and though it was a nice sunny day and so called Spring was here, there was this chill in the air and we had to have our jackets and mufflers on. I thought it should take another one month for the weather to improve.

Barely 10 days later, and I was sweating…13th May Ascension Day and a holiday here. Decided to walk via Pikkisari Island to Nallikari Beach.

When I went to pick up my friend she was like, its quite a warm day, don't think we need our jackets.  My advice to her…we are going near the beach, there may be wind and it may get chilly. In these places you never know about the weather so carry your jacket.

10 mins of walking and I was like…this woman must be cursing me. It was bloody warm. It seemed more like SUMMER than Spring. When I returned home I checked…the temp was +28!!!

I was just wondering…that it gets quite warm in May itself and these people always say July and August are warm…so it may get quite hot here at that time. Then I was told, this weather is unusual at this time of the year. Infact someone also said, there are only 6 –7 days in the year when temps are above +25…and they have come so soon!!!

On the way we noticed that the bare trees that we had seen barely 2 days back were now sprouting the leaves. And it took just 2 more days before they were nice green leafy trees.

Same street, in late Winter and in Spring…just 2 days after we saw the buds in the trees!

IMG_4980 IMG_5531


It was a nice, long walk…about 3.5 kms all the way to the beach. The first ice cream trailer I saw and I was like…that is needed!!!! Those people were doing some business as every single person seemed to have an ice cream in their hands. It seemed that the whole of Oulu was out….walking and cycling. They were making the most of the 1st warm day of the year.

As we reached the beach, the only thing that I wanted to do was remove the warm socks that I was wearing and get into the water. Yikes…the water was COLD! Ok..agree, it was still Spring and not Summer!

Then me being myself…got all excited. I couldnt get over that this is the same place that I visited in Winter. I kept telling Harsh again and again that here na…there was all snow. Not a drop of water to be seen. And I wanted to take snaps…the then and now kinda snaps!

In the 1st snap, we are standing on a snow wall which is actually the row of stones that can be seen behind me in snap 3. Also the light house in the 2nd snap can also be seen way behind us in a bed of snow in snap 1.

37 Thats the beach behind us


Venkat H said...

Cold water is not "Yikes" :) Nice blog again. Good idea to cover the same place in different seasons. Quite interesting

Manpreet said...

Then what is cold water!!!
Thats what I said when my feet touched the water!