10 April 2010


Finally spring is here…can’t decide if I like negative 13 with the sun out, shining on the pristine white snow or do I prefer the positive 2 with cloudy, drizzly days and dirty, blackish ice!

The Monday morning that I first realized that the snow has started melting, the pedestrian pathway was like an ice rink…so slippery. I walked more horizontally than vertically… searching for patches with either snow or no snow at all and trying to avoid all icy patches. It wasn’t easy and the 10 minutes’ walk to the bus op sttook me nearly 25 minutes, with lots of balancing and break dancing steps in between.

Obvious case of Murphy’s Law – I had a client meeting that day at 8:30 AM. Managed to logon by 8:35, only to find that the client had cancelled the meeting!!!

While returning in the evening, as I crossed the bridge I saw some ducks…where there was a frozen stream till 2 days back, there were now some playful ducks enjoying themselves. As I stopped and looked around, I saw several birds on the trees.

Same place…Winter and Early Spring!!!


The trucks had been to town and removed all the ice during the day so it was much easier to walk now. And then I saw the road towards my house…first time without ice or snow. It was full of potholes!!! I could have easily mistaken it for a BANGALORE road!

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Asha said...

Wow :) Give me the sun anyday. I once was in Toronto when Winter ended and Spring began, I remember the feeling. The day it touched zero (from minus 15)everyone was out in shorts and tee shirts - and I understood how it must feel!