16 November 2007

Loneliness ???

The protagonist of Coetzee’s book Youth – John - often craves for company in London– he looks for excuses of some kind for human interactions – bumping into people and saying sorry & getting abused...Does it really happen like that?
One day a colleague of mine and I left office together and decided to take the same tube... he sees a book and IPOD in my hand and remarks... how can you read a book / newspaper in the tube…you should observe the people in the tube...its really interesting and he took off with anecdotes with full facial expressions and voice modulation (incidentally I once told him that he should be in the theatre and what the hell is he doing in IT ...)
So for part of my tube journey I have started looking around…and I have seen a girl bump into another reading a book and saying sorry and the other girl has not even bothered to look up and acknowledge the apology. Yikes!!!

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